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I told him no(But in reality I had, but I tried to spare my parents feelings, they are very strict and paranoid about trafic rules) He looked at me, with an angry face. He gave me the papers in his hands and didn't say another word. And I haven't figured out what els to do with my life at this moment, what education to choose or anything els.

It was a picture of me driving my fathers Ford, crossing a red light in 60 km/ph(Thats fast for an ordinary city road). Please don't make me pay, or take away the car, you know how much I need it.

This is my first post and I want advice from you people about spanking my teenage daughter. Linda my 9 years old is quite naughty and I have to spank her once or twice a month. Now my other two daughters, Talia 16 and Anna 13 are quite well behaved compared with Linda.

I have spanked Talia only once(a few days ago) in her teen years so far.

I moved out when I was 15, and in with my elderly grandmother to help her out around the house.

After 6 high schools (all by choice), I decided I had had enough. I grew up because I felt I had to, but have always lacked self-discipline and have never felt safe enough with anyone to admit my faults/be seen as weak.

Eventually mommy gets the truth out of this brat and gives her a very hard hand and hairbrush spanking on her already very sore bottom.

When mommy questions her about this, she tries to lie about why she was spanked.Considering Talia's age, I spanked her with her jeans on.Day before yesterday I was talking to my friend and she told me that she spanks all of her daughters on the bare bottom so that a sense of "equality" is maintained.I started thinking though about spanking as more than just foreplay, something closer to d/s.I thought about spanking as a ‘punishment’, a way to be accountable for the little things I need help with.

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