Does carbon dating work

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Radiocarbon dating may only be used on organic materials.

The other method is “Relative Dating” which gives an order of events without giving an exact age (1): typically artefact typology or the study of the sequence of the evolution of fossils.

The most common form of carbon in the atmosphere is carbon-12, which is a stable isotope of carbon.

An unstable form of carbon isotope, carbon-14, also known as radiocarbon, is formed when cosmic rays hit atoms in the upper atmosphere of the earth.

If a carbon atom is in existence at the beginning of the Earth, spends some of its time in bacteria, then in fish and animals and so on.

It gets into a tree and into furniture and we try and carbon date the furniture aren’t we just carbon dating bacteria? They key to carbon dating is that the carbon isn't the carbon that's been on Earth ever since the Earth was formed.

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