Moco dating site

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Then, the report showed the conversation moved to text messaging, where Fluet allegedly asked Harris for naked pictures.

- Police are warning parents and children about a new social networking site, called Mocospace, where police say sexual predators are lurking.But they can't give valid reason why they have to do that in my account.without warning.without explanations. I've been on that site since 05 these two guys would go on then at the time jumbuck and beg us to come on thier site finally we came over bringing with us air g Friends to now this site is garbage full of drug dealers alkinds of bias by its users their admin up load porn while if you up load a picture of a scary movie it gets rejected they have homosexuals working for them that patrol thier forums engaging you in arguements then muting and banning you I agree with the one lady's comment about gamers I spent thousands of dollars playing this game for them to ban me over the stupid so called harrassers they call investors which are nothing more than old users such as myself ladies if you want your pictures stolen and plastered in a You Tube video with all the other women pictures who are stolen then this is definitly the site for its a biggot site against heterosexuals Christians and anyone who stands for anything this new slew of trash they've let In as the first guys trolling comment that's only if you're a troll that falls into thier bogus pecking order when this site goes down the drain I'll cheer the two owners may or may not walk away a way like bandits because the stinch of trash usually over whelms it's own self This site is nothing but a crooks site to sell drugs, prostitution, human trafficking and hacking your mobile accounts and computers.A gal I meet a year ago went by the name of ruby-.-1989 was reported by me 7 times for her hacking into my account and stealing funds and stealing my pros.Talking to a child about doing sexual acts is also a crime,” Harris said. Lots nasty trolls posting on forums but they don't give actions.

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