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When you begin dating, go with one or more additional couples.

Avoid going on frequent dates with the same person.

Choose to date only those who have high moral standards and in whose company you can maintain your standards.

Remember that a young man and a young woman on a date are responsible to protect each other’s honor and virtue.

Office: Young Hall 102FEmail: [email protected] Vitae Paul Eastwick’s research investigates how people initiate romantic relationships and the psychological mechanisms that help romantic partners to remain committed and attached.

One of his research programs examines how the qualities that people say are critically important to them in a romantic partner—their ideal partner preferences—direct romantic partner selection and retention. Replicability and other features of a high-quality science: Toward a balanced and empirical approach.

The goal of the current study is to analyze variation in the description of one’s desired partner in electronic personal advertisements across two languages: Mexico City Spanish and London English.

Variation in the “seeks” component of the typical schemata “X seeks Y for Z” (Shalom 190) is operationalized in terms of its lexico-grammatical variation. Judd (Eds.), Sociolinguistics and language acquisition (pp.

Influencée à l’origine par les travaux de Karl Frederik Meinander sur les langues finno-ougriennes Selon le modèle invasionniste couramment admis, un peuple de cavaliers venus de l'Est aurait envahi l'Europe à l'époque du Chalcolithique et diffusé ainsi sa langue et sa culture.

C’est sur ces prémisses que se fondent les modèles alternatifs de Renfrew (la théorie de la dispersion néolithique) et d’Alinei (la théorie de la continuité paléolithique).

Dès lors, leurs conclusions divergent assez nettement.

The distribution of the different constructions employed to express the “seeks” portion of the personal advertisement was then observed across the social variables of sex and orientation. Interpreting and performing speech acts in a second language: A cross-cultural study of Hebrew and English.

Results indicate that despite overall linguistic similarities between the two languages, social patterning of variation differed.

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