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Windproof Lighter, made in Bradford, Pennsylvania, has been called an American Classic. and is considered one of the best designed products ever made.

It stands with famous landmarks as a symbol of the U. Available to the people of the United States since 1933, the Zippo lighter is presently sold in more than 90 countries throughout the world, and has achieved great popularity as a dependable lifetime product.

ZIPPO Windproof Lighters enjoy a widespread and enviable reputation as valuable collectibles.

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Having established the legal standard of purity, the articles are stamped with a series of marks, known as Hallmarks.

Of course this had economical & operational effects on the nationwide industy too.

All the grade one steel & brass was needed for the machinery of war & the Zippo Mfg. had to use what was available, secondary grade of steel for their production instead.

Il fabriqua 82 briquets le premier mois puis 367 briquets en dcembre.

Le corps mesure 2-7/16" de haut, fabriqu dans un tube de laiton tir fournis par la socit Chass Brass Connecticut la charnire est soude lextrieur et comporte 3 sections.

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